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At our 77th CWA Convention in 2019, delegates resolved to renew our union through investing in our stewards. That means you! 

I am proud of our union's commitment to reinvest in our stewards. I started in this union as a shop steward myself. It is from personal experience that I know stewards are the heart of our union movement. 

We must fight back now while we still have the power.

Our movement is under attack. Corporate America and the 1% want to divide working people up and weaken our unions to make as much money as possible. 

But we know we cannot let that happen. 

Our fight starts in the workplace with our members. To win, we must engage with our members. As stewards, you are the most critical layer of union leadership because our members look to you for guidance, support, and direction. 

The resources provided here are to help you feel confident, prepared, and ready to resolve workplace problems, bring new members into our union, and engage your co-workers to build union power.

Thank you for your commitment. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for helping makeCWA Strong! 

In Solidarity, 

Chris Shelton

President, Communications Workers of America


President Chris Shelton, Communications Workers of America